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Messege in bottle in dirty water

Mahaulepu’s wild beauty and near constant trade wind-cooled climate make it a frequent target to resort, residential and agricultural developers. Mahaulepu is already surrounded by all the above, with Lihue, Kauai’s largest town, to its North, and Poipu, one of the world’s preeminent travel resort destinations, to its immediate south. Help us protect Mahaulepu’s critical wilderness, and all the life and history it harbors, from encroaching threats. Learn more below and donate, volunteer, and support the cause today.


Mahaulepu’s most imminent threat is a proposed dairy farm, which will dump thousands of tons of cow manure monthly into a fragile ecosystem, whose watershed is already endangered by Kauai’s highest levels of bacteria contamination. The dairy poses also poses air quality concerns over its use of large effluent ponds to store the urine of several thousand cows. All of this would happen on land that is a mile upslope from Mahaulepu Beach. The milk produced would not even stay on Kauai; instead it will be shipped off island to be processed and distributed elsewhere.

This dairy farm cannot become part of Mahaulepu’s landscape, but it is a very real possibility. Help keep them from milking more of Mahaulepu’s irreplaceable resources. Donate, volunteer, support, and get the latest dairy farm news below:

AUGUST 26 STEWARDSHIP DAY: Maha’ulepu Beach Cleanup

Join us at beautiful Maha'ulepu 9am to 11:30am. We are teaming with Surfrider Foundation Kauai Chapter to remove large nets and small plastics that have washed ashore.                                              This is an ohana event-please bring kids and friends....

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