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The History Of Malama Mahaulepu

Organizational History

History of Community Commitment to Maha`ulepu

Leadership Homes proposed 4 hotels, 2 golf courses, 2667 condo units, and 952 homes. `Ohana O Maha`ulepu formed to contest it. Proposal died.

LUC approved special use permit for the Po`ipu Bay Golf Course. First Malama Maha`ulepu formed, opposed golf course on prime agricultural land. Appeal to Supreme Court lost.

House Bill 1629 allocated $9,000,000 for land acquisition at Maha`ulepu. Bill not funded.

State of Hawaii recommended expansion of Conservation District at Maha`ulepu.

Grove Farm planned hotels, golf, commercial development and a marina on the Maha`ulepu coast. Tabled as economy weakens.
2000 – MM presentation to Governor Ben Cayetano. David Boynton, Councilwoman JoAnn Yukimura, Don Okuno, Gov. Cayetano, Councilman Ron Kauai, Beryl Blaich. Painting by Glen Schot
Federal court ordered establishment of critical habitat for endangered Kaua`i blind cave spider and cave amphipod.

Kaua`i General Plan Update called for a community based planning effort that engages the owner and local interests, government and professional experts as needed. Options to include some development in exchange for a park and/or preservation areas; or purchase of the land for a State park. (Sec. &

Malama Maha`ulepu re-established as a proactive initiative to educate and advocate. Support comes from individuals and grant from Sierra Club. Produced resource inventory, brochure, video, bumper stickers, web site. 4000 signatures gathered on “Certificate of Support”. 700 individuals write postcards to Governor Ben Cayetano, who said “Save Maha`ulepu for the people.” Grove Farm Company, Inc purchased by Steve Case, founder of America On Line for $26 million.

Yearly since 2000, Malama Maha`ulepu holds Steering Committee meetings, gives occasional presentations, holds and joins with others for beach clean-ups, conducts special tours, collects signatures of support, does research on Maha`ulepu history and resources participates in community events such as Whale Count, the Farm Bureau Agricultural and Environmental Fair, Reef Check, Banana Poka Festival, Family Ocean Fair, Koloa Plantation Days, Kauai County Farm Bureau Fair, and the Kauai Taro Festival.
2002 – Postcard and T shirt sales at Koloa Plantation Days
Support comes from Hawaii Community Foundation Natural Resources Conservation Fund.
County Council unanimously passes resolution supporting collaborative planning to explore preservation of Maha`ulepu.
State House and Senate pass resolution supported by “impressive numbers” of letters from public.
Community mapping events and photo contest held at Koloa Plantation Days.
Governor discusses state acquisition of Maha`ulepu to add to “string of pearls” wilderness parks. Grove Farm states their continuing hope for a quality resort.
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) training and mapping project funded by the Environmental Support Center.
Congresswoman Patsy Mink and husband John visit Maha`ulepu and said, “This should be a national monument!”
First Chocolate Award to outstanding volunteer: David Chang, founder Ohana o Maha`ulepu and Malama Maha`ulepu, ceaselessly dedicated and always present.

First annual newsletter printed and distributed. Donors generously support group.
Malama Maha`ulepu applies for and receives 501 (c) (3) non profit, tax-exempt status.
Photographers and artists donated images for greeting cards.
T-shirt designed and produced.
Kuleana history research project begun.
Malama Maha`ulepu given Hawaii Community Foundation Organizational Capacity Building Grant.
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposed large areas of Maha`ulepu for critical habitat designation for blind cave wolf spider and blind cave amphipod. Grove Farm opposed designation.
Wall St. Journal covered Maha`ulepu – the spider, Case intentions and community hopes.
Chocolate Awardee: Judy Dalton – fiercely committed founder and number one advocate as moonlight hike leader for Sierra Club

First Reef Check; 2nd newsletter produced. Web site updated and improved.
Decal produced. Kuleana research and GIS project continue.
Supported by the Hawaii Community Foundation grant, organizational assessment conducted. MIssion statement, Vision and By-Laws revised. Policies and Procedures revised.
Chocolate Awardees: Jeri DiPietro (hospitality, carpentry, parade impressario, go-for-it) and Yojana Grace (T-shirts and constant willingness)

Meetings, presentations, beach clean-ups, Reef Check, 3rd newsletter and special tours continue.
Start tally of Volunteer hours reach = 310.
Three year strategic plan adopted.
Board members attend strategic planning and fund raising workshops supported by Hawaii Community Foundation.
Environmental Grantmakers meet on Kauai. Tour of Maha`ulepu offered. Operational grants given by the Lawrence Foundation and the Arntz Family Foundation.
Chocolate Awardees: Marge Freeman (editor, data entry and steady support) and Mary Neudorffer (stewardship – reef check chair, thoughtful)

Meetings, presentations, beach clean-ups, Reef Check, Whale Count, 4th newsletter and special tours continued.
Ho`ihi Hui -Koloa Elementary School students- visit
Record of support – solicited at public events – more than 6000.
First Whale watch sail fun(d)raiser.
Malama Maha`ulepu honored by EPA award for exceptional work and commitment to enhancing and protecting the quality of the environment.
Volunteer Hours tally 833
Chocolate Awardee: Mel Gabel (artist, tours for MM and others, chief volunteer Makauwahi Cave Reserve)

Meetings, presentations, beach clean-ups, stewardship at cave reserve, Reef Check, 4th newsletter and special tours, whale watch fundraiser continued.
New T-shirt design and bumperstickers
Land slide occurred on coastal trail next to golf course – portion of trail “closed”
Grove Farm management met twice with Malama Maha`ulepu.
Planning project with planner Eugene Dashiell to explore conservation and development scenarios begun with support from Atherton Family Foundation and Cooke Foundation
Russell the Rooster – children’s television educational puppet – visited Maha`ulepu to learn about the cave critters and fishing and history of the area.
Volunteer hours exceeded 1200.
Chocolate Awardee: Napua Romo (Maha`ulepu historian, always says “yes!” to sharing her knowledge)

Meetings, presentations, beach clean-ups, Reef Check, 5th newsletter, fundraiser and special tours continued.
Record of support 9000 +
Malama Maha`ulepu, Poipu Bay Golf Course and Poipu Resort Association collaborated to open trail with safety signage.
With grant from Wayne Rapozo Fund of HCF, Kaua`i – Ke Kula O Ni`ihau, Kapa`a Hawaiian Immersion Schools (Middle and High) visit Maha`ulepu and learn about and work at the Makauwahi Cave Reserve.
Conservation and development scenarios work with Eugene Dashiell, ACIP, continued.
Marine inventory work begins with limu and marine invertebrate inventories
U.S. Senator Daniel K. Inouye requests National Park Service to conduct a reconnaissance survey of the significanceof the cultural and natural resources of the Maha`ulepu area of the island of Kaua`i for inclusion within the National Park System.
First MM Lecture series: Dr. Storrs Olson (with NTBG) on new paleo-ornithology findings; Kumu Sabra Kauka on Na Pali Ohana, Prof. Carlos Andrade on Hawaiian Understandings of `Aina.
National Park Service Reconnaissance team visited Maha`ulepu and Kipu Kai.
Russell the Rooster TV show on fishing and family enjoyment of Maha`ulepu aired.
First volunteer orientation presentations given.
Seaweed inventory by Stephanie Krieger found diverse colonies of near shore seaweed but small patches of invasive seaweed.
Chocolate Awardees: Nancy Bushnell (excellent board treasurer), Maureen Reyes (improvements to volunteer recruitment and retention and fundraiser event), Marty Kuala (Products, stewardship, Lecture series, calendar – you name it) with kisses award to Arne Albretcht (trail builder/ data gatherer)

Technology and data keeping upgrade committee started.
Conservation and development scenarios work with Eugene Dashiell, ACIP, continued.
New decal available.
T-shirt edition returned to classic logo.
Recycled grocery etc. bags designed and available.
National Park Service Reconnaissance study found Maha`ulepu and surroundings worthy of protection and next level of study.
Limu inventory report completed. Poipu Rotary Club gave grant to continue of limu education and invasive limu education.
Grove Farm shared agricultural masterplan for 1000 acres at Maha`ulepu.
Web site updated and improved, thanks to Doug Jung, Nomad Media