Malama Maha`ulepu
Preserve Kauai's Wilderness Heritage
Visiting Maha`ulepu

At the end of Po`ipu Road, just past the Grand Hyatt Kaua`i Resort and Spa, go about two miles along the unpaved, historic, sugar cane hauling road. At the intersection, turn right, heading seaward.

From the cleared parking area you can walk through the dunes to Maha`ulepu Beach. If you continue driving or if you walk to the left on the dirt road, you will come to Kawailoa Bay. Parking at Kawailoa is more limited.

Tips for Visiting Maha`ulepu
Drive slowly on the dirt roads. Keep the dust to a minimum and enjoy the view of Mt. Haupu and Maha`ulepu Valley.

Maha`ulepu is private property.
Grove Farm Company opens a gate in the early morning and closes it in the evening. Please respect their land and their management. There are leased areas within Maha`ulepu. Please stay out of fenced areas.

Maha`ulepu is a quiet sanctuary.
Maha`ulepu is a sacred place to native Hawaiians, especially the extensive dunes which are burial places. Please remember that you are always in or near a cemetery when you are at coastal Maha`ulepu.

Protect the natural resources of Maha`ulepu:
Endangered Hawaiian Monk Seals on the beach are resting and are protected by federal law. Stay 100 feet away from seals on the beach or in the ocean.
Many of the crawling plants are native.
The limestone headlands of Maha`ulepu are fragile. Cliffs are undercut and hazardous. Try to stay on paths.
Control dogs, please.

Ocean conditions at Maha`ulepu are changeable and, especially from April through October, can be hazardous. For daily ocean conditions at Maha`ulepu see:

See: for more details.

Thank you for your awareness.

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