Malama Maha`ulepu
Preserve Kauai's Wilderness Heritage

As the last accessible undeveloped coastline on the south shore of Kaua`i, Maha`ulepu is a quiet retreat, a place to get away from the crowds at popular resort beaches. Residents and their families come to relax, picnic, hike, fish, dive, surf and windsurf and to observe the sea life along the coast. Visitors say that the area - pristine, awesome and secluded - is what they hoped to find in Hawai`i.

But Maha`ulepu is threatened by development. Over the past thirty years, the landowner, Grove Farm Company, has actively planned hotels, golf courses, second homes and shopping facilities here. Grove Farm regards the area as unsurpassed for resort development. Meanwhile, citizens have opposed past proposals, and 3500 more visitor and residential units have already received partial approvals for the Koloa region in which Maha`ulepu is located.

The parks and preserves of the future, legacies of foresight, must be established now through innovative and sound private and public collaboration. Because of everything which can be seen, learned and felt here, Maha`ulepu must be preserved.

Please, use this site to visit Maha`ulepu and learn what's at stake. Join our community-based effort to keep Maha`ulepu a natural place for future generations. Thank you.

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