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Greg Peters, Executive Director

Mahaulepu Dairy Draft EIS Available for Public Comment

Malama Mahaulepu and Other Local Stakeholder Groups to Provide Careful Review

Koloa, Kauai, June 14, 2016 –

A Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed industrial dairy on Kauai’s south shore has been submitted for review and a 45 day public comment period, a key step in the development of operation. The Proposed Action includes a two-phase process that will eventually bring 2,000 cows to 578 acres in the heart of Mahaulepu Valley over the course of a 30 year lease.

The Draft EIS will evaluate Hawaii Dairy Farms’ operation by examining the environmental consequences of the proposed actions including the direct, indirect and cumulative impacts, their mitigative measures, and review of alternative actions. The Draft EIS must respond to comments received during the EIS Preparation Notice comment period in a point-by-point manner.

“It is our sincere hope to see compatible, locally-based agriculture thrive once again here on the south shore, but to ensure its safety and permanence we must follow a responsible and truly sustainable model, said Greg Peters, Executive Director of Malama Mahaulepu. We believe that a thorough and objective EIS process will pave the way for this outcome.”

While the EIS process is a victory in the review of the dairy proposal, the community must now work to ensure that the EIS provides an accurate and complete review of the project’s impacts and that meaningful mitigation measures are mandated to ensure the protection of Mahaulepu’s land, waters and neighboring communities. Malama Mahaulepu has been active in engaging the authoritative assistance of resource experts, cultural leaders, and our leaders in government to help us provide highest quality of environmental review and implementation of meaningful mitigative measures “As we analyze the EIS, we will make sure the data is complete and not based on a pre-determined decision to approve the operation. We have reached out to resource experts,
engineers, economists, and cultural leaders to aid in our review.” Said Suzanne Kashiwaeda, Board President of Malama Mahaulepu. “I encourage everyone affected to remain engaged and offer comments during the public comment period.”

Anyone who provided comments on the EIS Preparation Notice this spring can provide comments on the Draft EIS. Upon release of the Draft, Malama Maha`ulepu will be emailing a public comment guide to our membership that includes content and formatting suggestions and tips to ensure your voice will be heard. To ensure you receive this info, please join our our email list.

Draft EIS Comments should be submitted to the three addresses below. Comments must include the full name and physical address of the sender, and must be postmarked by Feb 15, 2016.

  1. State of Hawai‘i, Department of Health, 1250 Punchbowl Street, Honolulu, HI 96813. Contact: Laura McIntyre, (808) 586-4337
  2. Group 70 International, Inc., 925 Bethel Street, 5th Floor, Honolulu, HI 96813
  3. Hawaii Dairy Farms, LLC., P.O. Box 1690, Kōloa, HI 96756-1690 Contact: Jeff Overton, (808) 523-5866,

The Draft EIS may be viewed at . If you encounter problems accessing the documents, please call 808-978-5100 or
email: mppublicaffairs [at]